Regarding Modern Schooling Systems

Society is led by the wise and experienced; there is no doubt about that. But our youth are brimming with potential, and in many places there are no procedures to help bright students prosper. 

Nowadays, too many young adults are left stunned by the division between the schooling system & reality. As they grow up, the prospect of making money turns from one of delight to one of urgency. As time runs shorter, happiness declines and regret ensues. 

School is vital, yes. It teaches the core elements of a variety of subjects, but more so it helps students learn diligence, time management, and cooperation. After applying these skills on a regular basis at school, students will have them throughout their lives. 

The issue lies within the sullen repetitiveness faced by countless intelligent students. Not enough sleep, too much work, and too little freedom tends to dissuade a creative mind from discovering its potential. As time passes, the education process has succumbed to something which fails to encourage a student’s dreams. It’s practically guaranteed for mental health to deteriorate for bright students aged 14 – 18 without a goal or bigger picture to look towards.

While schooling issues may not inherently affect a student’s happiness, they push the limits of their emotional tolerance levels. The teenage years are already labeled as the ‘most dramatic’, but educators have yet to discuss emotional management among younger kids. Why are schooling systems so insistent on putting a terrible system in place? The only students that they seem to be creating are those that value straight A’s over anything else. Many bright students are hyper focused on studying well, getting good grades, and making it to a good college. Others lack the motivation to study hard, and while they achieve excellent grades, they are left with a feeling of emptiness. Schools need to change. They need to alleviate stress and encourage what intelligent students require to thrive. 

Greatness is achieved through hard work, dedication, and freedom. Freedom to explore society’s niches and determine where you fit. We are raising many children to go astray before they can achieve greatness, before they even dare dream of finding their niche. They learn the repetition of studying and dishing out memorized information, but our brains are wired to forget the unimportant, which is simply what most lessons are to smart students. 

Do not be afraid to start something new. Find your niche, or at least spend your life trying. Remember that it is your future and happiness you are fighting for; not a number on a screen. Fight for your work. Be creative. Do whatever makes you feel alive. Schools have already recognized similar calls, and the future is looking bright for education systems around the country.