A Beginner’s Guide to the Nature of Reality

Wondering what it means to be alive?

At first, there was a dot of mass and light, all that would become to be. In a great burst it erupted, expanding into the entire universe as we know it. Before this simultaneous occurrence, the universe existed in a cold, unfeeling state, nonreactive to any outside or internal force. Pure speculation is all that exists of this state. We know for certain all of the mass of the universe was contained in this singularity but what was outside? If it was nothing, as defined by the vacuum of space, then we know for certain the laws of physics transcend space and time. 

The vacuum in space-time is a physical entity with virtual particles which phase in and out of existence. Such a state induces various scenarios for the meaning of the nature of reality. Since energy and mass can neither be created nor destroyed, the energy from the virtual particles could be a mechanism of empty space or even trace energy from other universes! In these planes of existence, alternate timelines of our reality (or realities) could be occurring. Such matters are highly speculative, but it is fun to consider anyways. 

Humans, mere specks of dust in the ocean of existence.

The meaning of life comes much later in this journey, about ten billion years later. On a secluded planet in the Milky Way galaxy does our story begin. From the electrostimulation of organic molecules does life self-assemble and find its origin. Fast forward another 3.9 billion years does the story of Homo Sapiens arise.

You are the center of the universe. Metaphorically, that is; in you all sorts of thoughts take shape and manifest. Your experiences are enlivened within you, becoming fundamentals of your state of existence. In comparison to the universe around us, the nature of being and the meaning of life lends itself to dichotomy. We are the most meaningful and the most meaningless. We are the center of being and we are unimportant. We have a voice, but we are voiceless within the infinite abyss at hand. 

All humans on Earth moving at the same relative speeds equally share around twenty-four hours.  There are billions who are alive on this planet; with hundreds of billions of perceivable hours of time that are rendered into existence by the totality of human consciousness. Your time on Earth in one day is but a fraction of the total hours humanity will experience the same day. Your life on average compared to the rest of humanity is a rounding error. It means close to nothing in raw data. This is ironic because your life is all that you have. It means everything to you and next to nothing to everyone else.

Is life really that meaningless?

No. Not if you do something about it.

With every reason to be alone in this world, everyone still needs attention in their life for their deeds and their troubles. Humans have needs which require satisfaction through socialization and bonding. No man lives without the help of another, a vital reminder that it is humanity which is most key to our time here on Earth. Humans are what make life worth living for and experiencing. Their love and affection should be the rewards all seek in the course of a short and brutish existence. 

We have overcome basic primitivism and traded pure survival for immense comfort and convenience. Still, we are encumbered by the archaic designs of an unconscious evolutionary path. Within us are instructions for a life we may not have never wanted. Genetics, physicality, it all does not matter. The meaning of life does not exist in the most literal sense. In the grand scheme within the universe and its potent duration, life is meaningless. We must seek to create a new meaning in the center of our existence. Between our two eyes is the third eye, the processing hub of the brain. In our physical minds is the ultimate source of meaning, one ascribed with purpose via experience. The real meaning of life on a day to day basis is choice. We choose to make meaning out of an absurd existence.

Choose something. Today, tomorrow, or just sometime soon. Make a decision to render your hilariously improbable time on Earth into one of happiness and meaning.

Good luck!

Written by John Lasheras

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