December 2020 Update

As this fretful year is coming to a close, we must all take a moment to consider ourselves. Who we have become this year. Who we wanted to become this year. To some, this year has drawn extraordinary revelations in who they are, or perhaps who the people around them are. To others, this year poses no different questions than the previous; merely a continuation of the fruitful lives they have carried throughout the years.

We have seen countless debates and debacles, ranging from squabbles of the household to issues which still hold the nation in division. Make no mistake, there are no right lives, and no similar lives. But do remember that no matter how different the perception of one may be, we all burn the exact same flame to survive through the winter. Allow us to hold our peace into the coming years. God knows we’ll need it.


I hope that all my readers have had a great holiday season; a pinprick of light it was, at the end of a long, dark tunnel. Yes, it may not have been the brightest Christmas we’ve seen, but it certainly demonstrates the perspective 2020 has shown us. I wanted you all to know that with the degree of spare time on my hands, I will be trying to share my thoughts of the world more often.

That’s about it, then. Hope you all enjoy the rest of the holidays!

– Morai